• Up to 140 tubes on board
  • Up to 14 different types of tubes, including Sarstedt and Copan microbiological sampling tubes
  • Possibility to configure inlets according to the lab needs
    • 7 inlets x 20 tubes each
    • 7 x 2 (dual) inlets x 10 tubes each
  • Fast (more than 1.800 tubes/hour) (video)
  • Cap color sensor in the labelling area
  • Tubes dimension recognition capability
  • Sensor on printing area
  • Elevated stand-alone labelling autonomy
    • 1x1.500 labels roll for tubes
    • 1x1.500 labels roll for auxiliary labels

HENm is the mobile version of the HENm bench that allows blood collection staff to bring the system close to the patient's bedside.

HENm can be converted into HENm mobile and vice versa.

Up to 13 hours of use.
On board battery to let the system work autonomously.

A roller shaker prevents blood cloting by evenly mixing the blood in the blood collection tube .

Five polyurethane wheels reduce noise and allow smooth movement .

140 test tubes can be loaded on board to ensure the execution of a daily routine for each operator. Tubes can be loaded continuously on board without any stop or restart of the production cycle.
A cap color identifier indicator on each inlet is available to guide the operator through the loading process
Traceability of materials and operators is managed directly by the system

ΤLabel position detection system is a function that detects the position of the original label before labelling, an empty space is ensured allowing phlebotomists to check the volume of collected blood samples .

Possibility to dispense the samples in a single patient kit or to produce the tubes one by one using a specific basket system following the specific sequence as prescribed by CLSI rules.
Special application as LabEL replicator.
Connectable to tube transport system

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